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Magic Vox (w/ @p3ytie)

Nathan Blair
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Synthesize Peytie's signature voice with Magic Vox.

Magic Vox is a max for live polyphonic midi vocal chop player. Use Magic Vox to create sparkling melodies, beautiful pads, detuned super-synths, and more.

Version 2.0 Notes: Improved performance during automation.


  • Polyphonic up to 24 voices
  • 75 samples recorded and preprocessed by Peytie
  • 3 different vowel sounds per note depending on velocity
  • Hold each note infinitely with custom playback algorithm
  • Custom spatial delay knob
  • Tilt EQ for fine-tuning timbre
  • Detune knob for chorus and dissonance
  • Time knob for manipulating the amplitude envelope
  • Random panning knob for per-note spatialization
  • Custom animated interface

Compatibility: Magic Vox has been tested on Ableton 10 and Ableton 11 with Max 7 and Max 8. Make sure you are able to run max for live devices before downloading. If you are not sure, try using one of my free devices first.

Instructions: Simply save the file in a convenient location and drag it on to a midi track in Ableton. You can add the device to your Ableton Library by clicking the save icon on the top right of the device.

Contact/Issues: If you have any questions or if you would like to report a bug, please reach out on twitter @nthnblair. I will try my best to fix any software issues that arise.

Demo audio made in collaboration with rocco bunko

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Magic Vox (w/ @p3ytie)

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