Karp Synthesizer VST3/AU

Nathan Blair
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Perfect Plucks with Karp Synth

Karp is...

  • A plucked string synthesizer based on the classic Karplus-Strong algorithm
  • Compatible with MPE pitch bend when supported by the DAW
  • Built for performance. Graphics runs smoothly on the GPU, freeing up the CPU for audio processing.
  • Free. Please consider paying $20 for Karp if you're able. A lot of time and money goes into releasing a VST plugin, especially as an independent developer.

MacOs Installation:

  • Download and open Karp_MacOS_v_1_0.pkg
  • Follow the installer prompts

Windows Installation:

  • Download and extract Karp_Windows_v_1_0.zip
  • Move Karp.vst3 to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Activating Karp:

  • Open your DAW and search for a plugin called 'Karp'
    • If you can't find Karp, make sure VST3 are enabled and that you correctly followed the installation instructions. Rescan for plugins.
  • Enter your unique license key into the plugin. Your license key can be found in your download email.
  • Each license key works on up to five computers, and cannot be transferred.


  • MacOS 10.10+ or Windows 10+
  • A DAW that supports VST3/AU such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, REAPER, ...
    • Karp is NOT compatible with Pro Tools
  • 64-bit systems only


  • Decay: The time it takes for the note to fully decay (high pitched or very damped notes may decay faster)
  • Damping: The filter frequency of the lowpass-filter in the Karplus-Strong feedback loop + the noisiness of the exciter.
  • Enable MPE: Enable MIDI Polyphonic Expression. Karp allows per-note pitch bend control with MPE. This must be enabled within Karp and within your DAW. For example, to enable MPE in Ableton 11, right click Karp's device title bar within your track signal chain and select 'Enable MPE Mode' from the dropdown.


  • Version 1.2: Update DRM code to comply with Gumroad's new licensing system
  • Version 1.1: Fixed bug where sound quality degrades for large buffer sizes

Uninstall Karp from MacOS:

  • Delete the following files:
    • /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Karp.vst3
    • /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Karp.component
    • ~/Music/nthn_plugins/karp

Uninstall Karp from Windows:

  • Delete the following files:
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Karp.vst3
    • C:\Users\<user>\Music\nthn_plugins\karp

Important Uninstall Information: If you delete the Music/nthn_plugins/karp folder from your computer and want to re-install karp, you will need to re-license the software which will use up one of your five licenses.


Reach out on twitter at @nthnblair or shoot me an email at nathan@mat.ucsb.edu

Demo audio by brand0 using Karp and simple effects like reverb and delay.

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Mac/Windows Installer for Karp Synth + Manual + License Key


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Karp Synthesizer VST3/AU

62 ratings
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