Hyperspeed (Version 3.0)


Globally pitch shift every clip in Ableton 11 with one knob.

Requires: Ableton 11+ and Max for Live

Version 3.0:

  • Removed autotune support to increase reliability


    - Audio clips are pitched the requested number of semitones
    - MIDI clip notes are appropriately transposed
    - Tempo is shifted accordingly
    - MIDI tracks with a drum rack are not pitch shifted


    - MIDI tracks pitch shifted off of the MIDI grid will not be pitch shifted
    - Frozen tracks will not be pitch shifted
    - Audio tracks pitch shifted greater than 48 semitones will not be pitch shifted

Disclaimer: a few people have reached out to me with issues. Please purchase and use at your own risk.

For questions or support reach out to me on twitter @nthnblair

I want this!

NTHN_HYPERSPEED_3.amxd and a README with instructions. Also includes V.2 with experimental autotune support


Hyperspeed (Version 3.0)

I want this!